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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

Win Chemicals - Continuing to Innovate

October 2013 – Win Chemicals Launches LFQ, a low foam surfactant with powerful detergency

Win Chemicals' pursuit of the 'holy grail' of surfactant technology, a low foam surfactant that actually has great detergency, has finally come to fruition. LFQ is designed to have the strong wetting and detergency characteristics of our flagship Q3 technology but without the foam. It is also designed to offer customers the ability to lower costs by being low foam at all temperatures, saving on energy costs, and potentially lowering alkalinity to reduce wear on parts.

To learn more about this innovative product, please click the link for the LFQ iDATA sheet: LFQ iDATA

October 2013 – Win Chemicals Launches NSW4, a DEA and NPE free bucket wash concentrate

Building on the success of the previous generations of NSW, NSW4 is a response to the growing concern and Prop65 regulations regarding DEA. Going one step further to help limit further customer reformulations, it is also NPE free. NSW4 is a foaming bucket wash concentrate with superior water beading properties that leaves a durable, wax-like finish and reduces necessary drying following wash. It can also be used as a foaming spray wax in auto car wash, as well as in coin-op car wash.

To learn more about this innovative product and watch a brief performance demo, please click the link for the NSW4 iDATA sheet: NSW4 iDATA

June 2013- Win Chemicals Launches CHD4 Surfactant

In response to the growing health concerns and regulatory issues (Prop65) surrounding materials such as DEA, cocamide DEA, and MEA, Win Chemicals proudly introduces CHD4, our next generation DEA-free surfactant for use in hand soaps (gel and foam), bucket washes, body washes, and other areas where these more harmful chemistries are used. CHD4 is naturally derived, mild on skin, and is liquid, which makes it an easy to use alternative versus flake materials requiring heat.

To learn more about this innovative product, please click the link for the CHD4 iDATA sheet: CHD4 iDATA

May 2013 – Win Chemicals Awarded Patent for M5 Acid Replacement

Launched in 2006, M5 has been the ONLY acidic technology that can be shipped non-regulated via ground, marine, and air transport. On May 28th, it was officially issued the United States patent surrounding this innovative, low pH organic salt chemistry. Ideal for use in retail descaling applications where safety and ease of use is paramount, but where performance relative to traditional acids is still a must, M5 has been and remains a strong opportunity for our customers.

To learn more about this innovative product, please click the link for the M5 iData sheet and to view a live demo: M5 iDATA

March 2013 – Win Chemicals Awarded Patent for Hydrofluoric Acid Replacements

Launched in 2008 and the winner of the EPA's Pollution Prevention Award the following year, on March 5th Win Chemical's ALB, and its partner chemistry APW, were officially issued a United States patent surrounding these innovative new chemistries. As safe alternatives to hydrofluoric acid, ALB and APW offer strong performance relative to hydrofluoric, without the serious health effects on workers and their safety, as well as the damage to glass and metal surfaces that can occur with HF based products.

To learn more, please click on the links for the ALB and APW iDATA sheets and to view live demos: ALB iDATA;APW iDATA

January 2013 – Win Chemicals Launches JK50 Hydrotrope

With a focus on helping our customers achieve cost savings in 2013 without sacrificing performance or the environmental profile and safety of their products, Win Chemicals introduces JK50, an outstanding hydrotrope for use in highly alkaline/caustic systems.

To learn more about this innovative product, please click the link for the JK50 iDATA sheet and to view a live demo: JK50 iDATA.