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European REACH Information

European REACH Information

Win Chemicals

Win Chemicals Ltd. continues to lead the way in the development of unique chemistries. Win offers customers a wide range of specialized raw materials including surfactants, acid replacement technologies, specialized polymers, fluorinated polymers, silicones, bacteria and specialty blends that are used in cleaners and other specialized products.

Our Commitment

Win Chemicals continue to focus on initiatives that maximize product performance, reduce formulation costs and minimize environmental impact.

High Performance Products

We will help you design formulations that meet or surpass the performance of those products that are currently offered.

Cost Competitive Formulations

Our chemists will assist you to design formulations to meet your cost parameters while maximizing performance.

Environmentally Beneficial Chemistries

We create unique chemistries with distinct environmental benefits that allow you to reduce or eliminate solvents, VOCs and alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APE) in formulations to meet current green standards.

Who We Serve

Located in Burlington, Ontario, Win Chemicals Ltd. serves customers throughout Canada. Through our partnership with Vitech International, we offer the same services to customers in the United States. In addition, through Win Chemicals and Vitech International, we have a global presence using distributors to serve England, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Our Products

At Win Chemicals, we offer innovative products that can assist you for all your application needs.